Made in Italy


Durable, distinct design. A European statement for your Australian home.


Antibacterial action
Removes bad smells and pollutant substances often found in the kitchen.

Self cleaning action
An active agent in the sink resists limescale, making it easier to clean for the life of the sink.

Stain Resistant
Dirt and stains are easily removed by rinsing and gently wiping the sink with detergent.

Heat Resistance
Oliveri’s granite sinks withstand thermal shocks and are heat resistant up to 280°C.

Food Safe
The hygienic surface makes it completely suitable for food preparation.

Heat and Sound Insulation
Maintains the water temperature longer, and absorbs noise.

Impact Resistant
High superficial strength protects the sink from breakage due to impact from saucepans etc.

Lifetime Warranty
Covered by Oliveri’s lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Scratch Resistant
Very resistant to everyday ‘wear and tear’.

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