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Made in South Australia

Press-bowl sinks locally made for over 75 years.

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Visualise your dream renovation with the help of a Style SourceBook Moodboard

Create a moodboard with your favourite Oliveri products to download and share with your architect, builder or family and friends!

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Why Use a Moodboard?

The unique web-based interactive mood board tool, in collaboration with Style Sourcebook, allows you to effortlessy drag and drop our products onto a virtual canvas, creating visually stunning and cohesive mood boards that bring your design ideas to life. A fun and simple way to gain inspiration for your home while enabling you to visualise individual products together. 

How To Create Your Mood Board

With the integrated mood board tool, you'll have access to an extensive library of our products that can assist you in making decisions and will act as a visual guide. Browse through our expertly crafted templates, featuring the latest collections and products. Simply search by specific brands, by category or colours and drag and drop items onto the mood board. To remove simply drag the item off the board and click delete. 

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Style One

Elevate your kitchen space with our exquisite white, sage green, and gold combinations. A harmonious blend of classic hues and luxurious accents, this palette transforms your kitchen into a haven of refined beauty and culinary inspiration.
The gentle green tones evoke the refreshing calm of nature, making every moment spent in the kitchen a rejuvenating experience. Enhancing this serene duo is the opulent touch of gold, a symbol of sophistication and grandeur.


Style Two

Green, matte Black, and natural earth colour palette is designed for those who seek a harmonious blend of contemporary design and natural inspiration. Raw textures and organic materials embody the essence of the outdoors, bringing a tactile and authentic touch to your bathroom space. Wood accents, stone-inspired surfaces, and earthy textures create a sense of warmth and connection, inviting you to explore the beauty of natural elements within your home.

What's your Oliveri Style?

Mix and match all our products to find your unique style.

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