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Made in South Australia

Press-bowl sinks locally made for over 75 years.

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A robust, composite granite surface.

Oliveri granite sinks are constructed from 80% granite and quartz, 20% resin making them scratch and heat resistant, and easy to maintain. Just a few minutes a day to rinse and wipe out your sink will keep it in good condition for years to come.

We recommend granite sinks are cleaned immediately after use. Some foods, juices and chemicals can impact the appearance of your sink if left to sit on the surface. Rinse down your sink with clean water and towel dry the surface after rinsing.

If your sink does develop staining or minor scratches, please refer to the Care and Installation guide supplied with your sink or follow the recommendations provided here.

For minor discolouration and slight staining.

Fill the sink with warm water and add some bleach, leave it to sit overnight, then rinse well with fresh water. Following the same process but using a dishwasher tablet (rather than bleach), is also an effective method for minor stains.

It may take a several attempts using this process, depending on the nature of the staining. If the staining remains, lightly rubbing the area with a nylon dishwashing brush or a soft cloth is recommended.

Note: Diluted bleach will not harm the granite sink, but it can harm the stainless steel basket waste parts, so it is very important to thoroughly rinse away any traces of bleach from the sink, and especially the waste fittings after cleaning.



For stubborn stains or minor scratches, use a mild cream cleanser.*

If your granite sink surface remains stained after following the process above, we suggest using a very mild abrasive cleanser. *The product we recommend you use is Quickleen-S. This process will remove a very fine layer from the sink surface - taking any stains away with it. NOTE: The cleaning solution needs to be applied evenly - and rubbed along the sink surface in even and continuous (edge to edge) vertical or horizontal lines.


Quickleen-S is the only abrasive cleanser we recommend as it is much finer compared to other abrasive cleaners like Jiff or Gumption.

Small scratches may also we treated in this way which will diminish their appearance.

All traces of cleaning solution must then be thoroughly rinsed away.