Oliveri is Australia’s only commercial pressed bowl sink manufacturer and one of this country’s best home-grown success stories.

We’ve come a long way from an unassuming suburban factory where our business began way back in 1947. It was at Watkins and Starr, now Oliveri Solutions, a modest domestic metal fabricator in Adelaide, South Australia, that a highly skilled and dedicated team pioneered the deep drawing sink process in Australia. It was the beginning of something extraordinary.



Australian made plus the best of the rest. 

Our design expertise and commitment to quality continues. In addition to locally manufacturing our kitchen and laundry sinks and tubs, we now import and distribute a wide range of taps, sinks, water filter systems and bathroom products across nine countries, including Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.

The vast range and superior design of our sinks and taps are enjoyed by homeowners around the world and the Oliveri name continues to be synonymous with style, quality, reliability and great customer service.



Our commitments

Oliveri is committed to caring for its employees, our customers and the environment.

The well-being of our workers, customers and visitors is Oliveri's number one priority. We adhere to stringent Work Health and Safety Standards and currently hold ISO 45001 Health & Safety certification from TQCSI. Our committment to providing quality products to our customers has a long history. Oliveri recieved its first certification to ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems back in 1995. 

As a local manufacturer, Oliveri takes great pride in caring for the environment in which we operate. Our Australian made sinks are manufactured not only in accordance with strict health and safety policies but also to ISO 14001 Environmental certification.

All our stainless steel is 100% recyclable and so too is the majority of our product packaging. The Adelaide manufacturing plant is a zero-waste-to-land-fill facility.

Oliveri Solutions is a proud signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC).



Did you know?

Our founders decided on the name ‘Oliveri’ in a local Adelaide restaurant, by voting on names written on napkins.

The accent in Oliveri is the tick that sealed the deal!



Oliveri news and updates

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